Amb Mirco Riccardo Romito,
Country Director to Spain

Amb Kimberly I. Moore

Professor John E. Tabotndip,
Director, Education and Human Capital Development

Professor Edet Bassey Ekpenyong,
Country Director, Nigeria

Dr. Bordor Robert,
Special Envoy to Central Europe

Dr. Mykel C. Ajaere,

Dr. Sami Shraim,
Special Envoy, Arab and Middle East Region

Amb. Kintossou Wilfrid Folly,
Country Director to Benin Republic

Amb Anna Timofeeva,
Country Director to Russia

Dr Enrique De Caridad Angulo Borero,

Amb Karima Rhanem,
Country Director to Morocco

Dr Samuel Dotse,

Amb Clifford Martey Korley,
Country Director to Ghana

Amb Rima Taliaa,
Country Director to Syria

Dr Tunji Asaolu,
Deputy Secretary General

Professor Ghaida A. Abu-Rumman,
Country Director to Jordan

Dr Waheeb Karajeh M,
Special Envoy, Arab and Middle East

Amb Roll Stephane Ngomat,

Professor Nabhit Kapur

Amb Abubakary Jawara,

Amb Drammeh Basamba

Professor Dinesh S. Sabnis

Professor Dinesh S. Sabnis

Amb Suleiman Nayef

Amb Omar Malkawi,
Country Director, Cyprus

H.M. (Amb) Brayce Bhekinkosi Mthimkhulu,
Country Director, South Africa

ISD seeks to work with government of various Nations, to promote global peace through international relations and diplomatic cooperation