Who We Are

We Aim to Promote World Peace through Diplomacy.

International Society of Diplomats (ISD) is an A-class International Organization, founded with the core mandates to promote international diplomacy through friendship, trade and investment, international cooperation, peace and social Justice, for development and advancement of humanity.


ISD seeks to work with government of various Nations

Promoting Global Peace

International Relations

Diplomatic Cooperation


ISD visualizes a world where government and non-state actors can work in harmony with a common goal

to improve and sustain the universal fundamental rights of every human being, irrespective of race, gender, social status, religion or beliefs as enshrined in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (adopted in 1948).

To work in partnership with Government of various nations in promoting international cooperation by providing expert advice on issues related to foreign.
Partnering with Governments
To partner with government in the promoting of International Cooperation by providing expert advice on issues relating to foreign policies;
Active Involvement in Peace Building
To actively involved in peace work to promote the interest of State and Non-State actors in conflict management, negotiation and alternative dispute resolution, in partnership with relevant authorities of State;
ISD seeks to work with government of various Nations, to promote global peace through international relations and diplomatic cooperation